Mark Weidick

CEO, hiQ Labs

Mark has spent most of his career in Information Technology as a business operator and entrepreneur, with success at both start-ups and Fortune 500s. He has a talent for creating and growing businesses through expertise in go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition, product development, new business development and negotiation. Mark has purposefully developed his holistic view, strategic planning approach and decision making framework by holding leadership positions to encompass a wide range of responsibilities. These roles have included: CEO, founder, General Manager, capital raiser, business strategy, business development, product strategy, product marketing, sales, account management, engineering and, when necessary, floor sweeper. Some of his notable successes include the growth of Cisco’s TelePresence video business from startup to $1B and the $420M acquisition of Savi Technology. Known for his collaborative, solution-oriented leadership style, his team building skills and talent for driving results, Mark is passionate about helping others succeed.