Trend Reports

hiQ Labs Intelligence is a center for provocative thinking that focuses on identifying HR and People Analtyics shifts. As we look ahead to 2017, assumptions have been made about the new cognitive HR and the future of work. Amid the massive shifts that are sure to follow, hiQ Intelligence will help you better understand your HR customer with our data-driven, need-to-know insights.

Over the course of this year hiQ Intelligence will unlock several HR categories of 2017 Trend Reports including:

The Science behind People Analytics
AI and Machine Learning Workforce Planning
Adoption vs Bench Marking

hiQ Intelligence is built on the insights of our Elevate Community which are made up of the world's leading thought leaders for the brands the following sectors: Automotive, Banking, CPG,E-commerce, Finance, Healthcare Hospitality, Insurance, Pharma, Retail, Telecommunications, Other.

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